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Regrow Eyebrows

Is It Possible To Regrow Eyebrows?

Part of the answer to whether or not it's possible to regrow eyebrows depends upon why the eyebrows disappeared in the first place. Some individuals have very sparse eyebrows to begin with, and growing eyebrows is more of a consideration than regrowing them. Others have very light eyebrows that may be barely noticeable. Regrowing eyebrows is not at issue here, the issue being more a matter of coloration.

There is one thing a person must have in order to regrow eyebrows, and that is healthy hair follicles. Every hair on our head, or anywhere on our body for that matter, including the eyebrows and eyelashes, grows from a follicle. If a follicle becomes diseased or injured, it may stop producing a hair, at least until its health is restored. If a follicle is destroyed however, hair will no longer grow from that follicle. A hair follicle can be destroyed by an accident. If scarring occurs, the probably is high that in the immediate vicinity of the scar hair follicles have been destroyed and hair will no longer grow where the scar is present.

Diseases And Treatments - On the other hand, eyebrows may have disappeared as a result of disease or treatment of a disease. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are well known causes of hair loss, especially the latter. Although we usually associate hair loss with the loss of hair on the scalp, eyebrows can just as easily be affected. In such cases there may not be permanent damage, and the eyebrows will eventually grow back. Other systemic diseases, in particular thyroid problems, can sometimes affect hair growth. In some cases, hair can be coaxed back, in other cases the systemic disease needs to be dealt with first.

Hair Follicle Disease - The hair follicle itself is not immune to certain diseases or disorders. One of the more common diseases is follicular hyperkeratosis. Keratin is a protein which is a constituent of sebum, an oily substance excreted from the hair follicles to aid in moisturizing the skin. Keratin itself is the major component of our hair as well as our nails. At times keratin is produced in excess, and may block pores and hair follicles. This alone will not necessarily keep hair from growing unless the blocked follicle causes the hair to grow inward. More likely, an infection may set in which causes damage to the hair follicle, a subsequent loss of the hair, and a failure of the hair to regrow. Once the infection has been dealt with, regrowth will usually resume.

Dead Is Dead - What all this boils down to is, if a hair follicle is diseased or has become damaged, treatment will sometimes coax hair growth to return. If the hair follicle has been destroyed however, there is nothing that can be done to restore hair growth. No matter what a hair restoring product may claim, a dead follicle is a dead follicle. There is no known medication that will create new follicles. The only solution in such a case would be to have hair plugs removed from the scalp and transferred to the area of the eyebrow. This solution will often work, just be aware that normal eyebrow hair grows much more slowly than does scalp hair, in fact barely seems to grow much at all, so if the operation is successful the new eyebrows may have to be trimmed more than usual.

If hair follicles have not been destroyed, they can sometimes be stimulated back into production. This may simply be a matter of improving the blood circulation in the vicinity of the eyebrows by frequent massaging, or a hair or eyebrow restoring topical solution could be applied, Rogaine has achieved a fairly solid reputation for success in this area. The results can not be guaranteed, and again, if a follicle is dead it cannot be resurrected, but if it is only damaged or dormant there is always hope.

If you still have your eyebrows and are in the habit of frequently plucking them, you might give some thought to stopping the practice, or at least allow a professional to do it. Excessive plucking can eventually destroy hair follicles, the result being patchy looking eyebrows, which cannot be fixed except through cosmetic camouflage. If all else fails, there is always the eyebrow pencil, or fake eyebrows which can be glued into place.



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