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Eyebrow Regrowth

Is Eyebrow Regrowth Possible?

Eyebrow regrowth isn't for everyone of course. For some, satisfactory eyebrow regrowth can be essential to their self esteem. For others, who never paid much attention to their eyebrows, or lack of them, regrowth isn't a major consideration. For some, eyebrow regrowth is a distinct possibility. For others, it would be easier to grow a lost arm. There are many different factors, genetics being but one, that will determine whether or not growing back a natural set of eyebrows is a possibility, or should even be attempted.

Eyebrows play an important role in how we look as they serve to frame our face. For some, bushy eyebrows are almost as much of a problem as no eyebrows at all. This is particularly true of women, many of who want "full" eyebrows, but not the bushy type, which men by the way don't usually mind having. Others, while having eyebrows, have hair that is so blond that the eyebrows are barely noticeable. That's fine with some. Others use the eyebrow pencil to their advantage to make the eyebrows more prominent.

Just as we loose hair on the top of our head, either due to age, genetics, or a medical condition, we often lose eyebrows as well, or at least they become thinner. Thinning eyebrows likely have the greatest chance of being restored. When hair is thinning out, it usually is because the hair follicles are becoming dormant. It's kind of a case where the follicles could grow a hair, but for some reason choose not to. If the follicle can somehow be jump-started, eyebrow hair may start growing again. If a follicle has been damaged however, it is usually a different story. A damaged follicle is all too often a follicle beyond repair and one no longer capable of producing a hair.

Follicle Damage - There are different ways in which a follicle can be damaged beyond repair, including by disease, burns, or scarring. Some hair follicle damage can be self-inflicted. Excessive hair plucking can damage follicles to the point where when we want them to start producing hair again, they no longer can. Hair loss, including eyebrow loss, often occurs because of radiation or chemotherapy treatments one is undergoing when battling cancer. Some medications can also trigger eyebrow hair loss. In such cases, eyebrow regrowth can occur, but not until treatments or medications are halted.

Get Medical Advice First, The Try The Cremes - How is eyebrow regrowth stimulated? Stimulated is the key word here, as it implies the hair follicle is capable of producing, but the means to make that happen somehow has to be triggered. Over the counter cremes and ointments designed for hair growth can sometimes help, though caution is advised on putting any substance too near the eyes, unless you're sure of what you are doing. The very best approach would be to first see your doctor or a dermatologist, or any medical person specializing in hair growth. You'd at least likely find out if your eyebrows can be grown back naturally, and if so, whether or not you can expect them to grow back normally, and not a few hairs here and a few hairs there. Even if they grow back irregularly, you still have something to work with.

Go The “Natural” Route - Given any eyebrow hair at all, you have the chance to do something with it, especially if you're talented with powders, beauty-enhancing cosmetics, and the eyebrow pencil. Many, and perhaps most, will have to settle for at least some cosmetic methods. Eyebrows can also be purchased and be glued on. They are usually sold as “natural looking eyebrows”, and not “fake” eyebrows. For many, that may be the best solution of all. We're used to seeing movie and TV actors wearing fake bushy eyebrows which appear quite natural in accordance with the character they're portraying. Natural looking eyebrows however can be anything you would want them to be, complementing and framing your face to perfection.



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