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Eyebrow Hair Loss

Identifying Common Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Millions of people all over the world suffer from eyebrow hair loss.  Knowing the possible causes of this condition will help to soothe worry and calculate the possibility of regrowth.

The habit of overplucking may lead to eyebrow hair loss.  If you frequently and consistently remove the hairs from the root, as happens with plucking, they will take a length of time to grow back.  You may notice a lapse of days when you have little eyebrow hair evident.  Also, be aware that overplucked eyebrow hair may not grow back entirely.  Spacing out the amount of plucking that you do will help to alleviate this problem.

Certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema may be a cause of eyebrow hair loss.  The dryness and irritation of the skin surrounding the eyebrow will lead to persistent itching and rubbing, which can remove the eyebrow hair.  If this condition and reaction occurs often and with severity, your eyebrow hair may not grow back.  Use specially formulated creams to soothe the area.

Some prescriptions have been known to cause the loss of eyebrow hair.  Hair loss on the scalp, eyelash and eyebrow are common with chemotherapy treatment.  Also certain birth control pills, antibiotics and blood thinner medications can cause the patient to experience eyebrow hair loss.  Most hair should grow back after the medication or treatment has been completed.

Many people lose their eyebrow hair due to an autoimmune condition called Alopecia Areata.  This skin condition is not contagious and occurs both in males and females.  Small, round bald spots on the scalp are the most common sight in people who suffer alopecia areata, but the condition can also effect your eyebrow hair.  It is thought to be a genetic condition and generally is not painful or otherwise uncomfortable.  Occasionally a slight tingling or light pain sensation can be felt where the hair has fallen out.  With this condition, the hair will fall out quickly and can happen on one side of the head or brow and not the other.

Almost all of the hair that is lost through Alopecia Areata will grow back, although it will take time.  Also, the use of steroids may be suggested for the eyebrow area.  This is applied through injections and has not been proven extremely successful.  Topical steroids, in the form of corticosteroids are also occasionally used.  Be aware of all side effects of any drug that you take, and be careful around your eye especially.

Eyebrow hair loss has also been linked with lupus, another autoimmune disease, and thyroid disease, particularly low thyroid conditions.  About one quarter of those who suffer from hypothyroidism will experience “Hertoghe’s symptom” which involves losing the outer portion of your eyebrows.  If you experience hair loss, especially if it presents with other strange symptoms, if may be a good idea to visit your doctor and rule out the above conditions.

Losing your hair, from the eyebrow or from anywhere on your body, may cause psychological symptoms.  In our society, where beauty is hyped, a lack of hair may damage a person’s self esteem or confidence.  Something as simple as an eyebrow pencil or pen can help to lessen the look of eyebrow hair loss.  If a medical condition causes other or more severe hair loss, investigate the possibility of surgical hair replacement therapies or the use of wigs.  Also be conscious of the increased chance of sun damage.  When hair is lost, the skin is more exposed to the sun’s rays and burns can happen faster.  Protect your skin.

Some herbal remedies claim to increase hair growth and may help to reestablish eyebrow hair.  Be sure to fully research any of these treatments and ask for referrals from satisfied clients.

Understanding that you are not alone in eyebrow hair loss can help with any emotional distress.  Visiting your doctor to diagnose the probable cause is also a good idea.  Most times, your eyebrow hair will return with a little patience and time.



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